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8 things you need to consider when planning an outdoor event in Colorado.

Updated: May 16, 2022

Colorado has no shortage of breathtaking views to set the stage for your next event. But if you're thinking about hosting a gathering at one of the many beautiful outdoor spaces in the Denver Metro area, you may need to consider a few things first.


One consideration when gathering a large group of people is accessibility. Does anyone in your party need a wheelchair, walker, or stroller? While many of us breeze through a space giving the surroundings little thought, there are a few things to look for in any event space to ensure all of your guests feel welcome and comfortable. For example, does the location have stairs, uneven ground, rocky terrain, steep inclines, etc.? These aspects can be a deal-breaker for some guests and make logistics like setup, seating, and service more challenging too.


Many beautiful event spaces are off the beaten path. While this adds to their charm, it also makes them more difficult for guests to find. We have seen hosts choose a breathtaking location only to have guests get lost along the way. Top it all off with the spotty cell service in many remote areas, and you have a recipe for disaster.


Bathrooms, heating/air conditioning, and shelter from the elements are all pretty standard to provide for guests at an event. Unfortunately, some of the most beautiful locations don't come with these amenities. To keep your guests comfortable, you may have to rent and bring in porta-potties, tents, fans, heaters, etc.

Contingency plan:

Even with careful planning, you always have to have a contingency plan when hosting an event in an outdoor setting. Wind, rain, snow, and hail are all common (and unpredictable) in Colorado, even in the spring and summer months. Where will guests go if any of these situations arise? Have it all mapped out ahead of time and save yourself a potential headache on the day of the event.


Many hidden gems get their beauty from their remote location. The drawback is that nature usually doesn't come with a nicely paved parking lot. Will guests have to park down a narrow dirt road and hike into your event? Will your caterer or mobile bar service have to truck in their supplies down a muddy path? Keep an eye on potential issues with parking when considering a remote location.


Will your guests be traveling in from out of town? Many of Colorado's small towns have limited accommodations. From hotels to grocery stores and restaurants, scope out the area surrounding your venue beforehand and make sure your guests will be able to find the amenities they may need