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DCR Studios delivers inspiring and thought provoking fashion at Denver Pride Fashion Show

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

DCR Studios makes inclusive fashion serious business

Darlene C. Ritz means business. The skill, talent, and inspiration that Ritz brings to her craft as a fashion designer is on display every time a piece hits the stage or runway. She works hard, believes in inclusivity, and her brand sends that message. Behind the wheel at DCR Studios, she is driving the operation with deep connections to her community and a sense of purpose. When they presented at the Denver Pride Fashion Show, beauty and authenticity collided. Models hit the runway in signature shirts reminding us that Every Body Is Beautiful.

Fashion delivers a message

While watching models walking the runway in designs from DCR Studios, it’s clear that the viewers are being encouraged to open their eyes and mind, to embrace individuality, and release antiquated body standards. Ritz told Outfront Magazine “It has always been my goal as a fashion industry professional to change, challenge, and push those ideals from the perspective that all bodies are beautiful.”

About the designer

Darlene C. Ritz is a passionate creative whose impact extends far beyond the runway. Teaming up with Factory Fashion as an instructor for the Drag Youth Program, she offers skills-based and creative classes, giving young people the opportunity to learn to sew costumes and style wigs. Ritz is also involved with the fashion shows for the Red Ball Organization. This important organization raises money to care for people who are living with HIV and aids while also providing other resources for the community.

In addition to creating fashion designs for such drag icons as DeMarcio Slaughter, Ritz is the Creative Director and Founder of DCR Studios. She reveals her love of theater with each piece, creating drama with color, texture, and light that delights and surprises us. Her fashion becomes moving artwork on the runway, making a bold statement with every step. You can shop the DCR Studios clothing line here.

DCR Studios in the spotlight

Ritz once said, “Fashion is a celebration, and we are seeing that people are coming out of this wanting to celebrate,” And she has a lot to celebrate too! From Denver to London and even New York Fashion Week, DCR Studios is popping up everywhere. It’s evident that people are aligning with the messages of this designer and the Ritz brand. Diversity and inclusion have the spotlight, and they’re holding onto it.

Are you a fan of the Denver fashion scene? Here are some resources for you.

Whether you want to get hands-on or just watch the show, Denver has a lot to offer creatively. Factory Fashion features classes and events, such as upcoming fashion shows for Latin Fashion Week and a Steampunk Soiree. In addition to these attractions, they also offer summer camps such as Punk Rock Graffiti Fashion and Anime Cosplay. Stay up to date with everything happening at DCR Studios by following them on Instagram.

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