Get a taste of these local breweries at the Central Park Beer Festival

Updated: Jul 14

Preparations for the Central Park Beer Festival are in full swing as we gear up to bring you an evening of cold brews, local eats, and live music. With over 30 different breweries to try, you’re sure to find your new favorite brew and support a good cause in the process.

Check out some of the local breweries showcasing their award-winning brews at the Central Park Beer Festival this year:


WestFax Brewing Company

Beer liberated from recipes, rules, and restraints. By aging some of their beers for months at a time in Bourbon and Chardonnay Barrels, Westfax cultivates rich flavors you won't find anywhere else.

A taste of their menu:

Colfax Cream Ale

Cream Ale – Crisp, Refreshing, Clean

Cupcakes & Rainbows

Saison – Fruit, Spice, Crisp


Cheluna Brewing Company

Awarded 5280’s Best New Brewery in 2017 and a Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am bronze medal in 2018, Cheluna is Colorado’s first Latino-owned production brewery.

A taste of their menu:

Low Rider Mexican Lager

Available with a lime and Tajín rim or as a delicious Michelada

Lucious Lupita IPA

One of their best selling beers


Dos Luces Brewery

Dos Luces Brewery offers beers that are rich in flavor, deep with history, and surprisingly gluten-free.

A taste of their menu:

The Classic Chicha

Inspired by Inca traditions. Malted Colorado blue corn and clove, 5.5% ABV, Gluten-Free. Dark in color but sweet and light in taste, Chicha Inti provides a well-balanced combination of corn and spices.

The Classic Pulque

Inspired by Aztec traditions. Maguey sap (AKA Aguamiel, the same ingredient that makes Mezcal), malted blue corn, and cinnamon, 7% ABV, Gluten-Free. A “backwards sour beer,” Pulque has all of the flavor elements of a sour, with all the complexity that comes with it, but it finishes sweet (versus barley beers that tend to finish sour).


Odell Brewing Co.

Everything from Odell Brewing Company is rooted in a culture of family and collaboration. This passion for beer that inspires the quality, hand-crafted, innovative brews they’ve been known for over the last 30+ years.

A taste of their menu:

Mountain Style IPA

At 6.5%, this Mountain Style IPA is brewed with modern, American hop varieties which bring tropical hop aromas of pineapple, orange, and mango. To accentuate juicy hop aromas without using adjuncts or fruit, Mountain Standard IPA is triple dry-hopped. The result is an extremely drinkable IPA bursting with bright hop flavors, low bitterness, and a slight haze.

Tropical Fruited Sour

Slow down, unwind, and come hang out for a while with Sippin’ Tropical, a delicately sour ale packed with pineapple, passion fruit, and tangerine, and balanced by a touch of Himalayan pink sea salt. Vacation vibes included in every sip.


Haykin Family Cider

Haykin Family Cider is an award-winning small batch cidery run by husband and wife Daniel and Talia Haykin. Their unique take on cider highlights the distinct flavors of every apple — creating an elated wine-like experience you won’t find anywhere else.

A taste of their menu:

Criterion [6.7% ABV]

Masonville Orchards, CO - Criterion is a chance seedling from Washington State with a beautiful combination of canary yellow and pink blush coloring. The aroma and flavor are reminiscent of chamomile tea with honey, lemon drop, and honeydew melon. It has a light body and fresh sweetness. 100% Criterion apples from Masonville Orchards. 2021 Vintage This cider is medium.

Columbia Crabapple [5.9% ABV]

Bailey Nursery, WA - Columbia Crabapple is a modern apple that showcases the aroma of citrus zest, jasmine, and cantaloupe. Flavors of orange creamsicle, lemon drop candy, the tart notes of passion fruit, minerality and a tannic edge shine through. It is refreshing, bright and lively. 75% Columbia Crabapples grown at Bailey Nursery, WA & 25% Colorado-grown Gala apples. 2019 Vintage This cider is semi-dry.


6 and 40 Brewery

Known as the mechanics of craft beer, this brewery has been servicing Colorado's beer scene for almost a decade. Their unique approach is to break down the mechanics of brewing to perfect the process from start to finish.

A taste of their menu:

Schalten Pilsner

A classic German pilsner: crisp, refreshing, and just bitter enough to balance the sweet straw & bready malt flavors.

Three on the Tree West Coast IPA

Intense grapefruit, floral, and slightly piney aroma, crisp and dry with a resinous finish. Made with Simcoe, Centennial, and Galena hops.


FlyteCo Brewing

This award-winning brewery has taken the silver medal for the FlyeCo Marzen Copter and the bronze medal for the P-38 Pumpkin Porter at the 2021 Brewski Awards. With over 20 beers on tap, a coffee shop, and a bagel eatery FlyteCo has a little something for everyone.

A taste of their menu:

Bluegrass Coffee Blonde

5.6% ABV

Our smooth, crisp, velvety Beechcraft Blonde ale with a touch of freshly roasted Bluegrass coffee.

Fogged Out - Hazy IPA


Double Dry Hopped, this hazy IPA has notes of citrus on the nose and a great grapefruit flavor.


Lady Justice Brewing

Great beer can make the world a better place. Founded in 2014, Lady Justice brews award winning beer and dedicates time, space, and money to nonprofits and community partners who empower women and girls in Colorado — proving you can sip your brew while changing lives.

A taste of their menu:

Sandra Day IPA Session

IPA | 4.4% ABV

Our flagship IPA with notes of biscuit, caramel, and stone fruit, just at a lower ABV for easy drinking.

Rainbow Radler: Watermelon

Radler | 4.3% ABV

Lager base brewed with Colorado malt and noble hops. A powerful punch of bold watermelon.


CERIA brewing

Incredible taste without the alcohol. Ceria’s unique brewing process results in a beer so flavourful you won’t believe it’s 0.00% ABV

A taste of their menu:

Grainwave Belgian-Style White

Unfiltered Belgian-style white ale brewed with blood orange peel, coriander, and Hallertau Tradition hops for medium body and bright, refreshing flavors.

Grainwave contains the terpenes limonene and linalool which are known to inhibit inflammation and reduce anxiety, promoting a chill mindset.

Indiewave Hoppy IPA

Hoppy, delicious IPA brewed with light caramel malts for ultimate flavor and balance. Cascade, Citra, and Amarillo hops give it a smooth, citrus character.

The major terpenes in Indiewave are myrcene and humulene, which have been shown to inhibit inflammation and aid in relaxation.


Copper Kettle Brewing Company

Copper Kettle Brewing Company is a locally owned mom and pop brewery with a tasting room established in Denver in 2011, surrounded by local neighborhoods. CKBC seeks to create what America seems to have lost: a local neighborhood bar in which we strive to know your name and your story. Sit down, relax, and enjoy a beer with new and old friends.

This locally owned mom and pop brewery is bringing back what much of America seems to have lost — a place where they know you by name and invite you to sip a cold hand-crafted beer with new and old friends.

A taste of their menu

European Style Pilsner

Crisp, Clean and Crushable, Crystal clear, and hop-forward like an Italian Pils. Hop notes are floral and earthy, just a touch grassy.

Contains Happiness

A light-bodied and juicy session pale ale with notes of Pineapple, Guava, Citrus, and a touch of pine. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, whether you’re mowing the lawn or sitting on the patio with friends.


Epic Brewing Company