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How to make your booth stand out at festivals this summer.

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

It is officially festival season in Colorado, and we’re gearing up for a summer of local brews in the sun. But festivals aren’t all fun and games. For many small businesses and entrepreneurs, festivals are crucial to increase sales and grow a customer base that can support business all year long.

So this week, we’re putting our 30+ years of event experience and our professional marketing team to work to answer: Why do some vendors have lines of people waiting to see what they have to offer while others have no traffic at all?

Use these 5 strategies to help your vendor booth stand out at festivals this summer.

Show your personality

Whether you’re a solopreneur with a team of 1 or a growing business with a large staff, establishing your brand and giving consumers a glimpse of your personality is a must. How do you do this? Use your tent, tables, signage, and staff to tell the story of who you are. Are you a spunky and fun creator looking to sell your art or a quirky local brewery trying to draw in a new crowd? Either way, your booth setup should reflect what you’re about and speak to your customer base.

Choose a niche

This advice works for your business across the board, but it can also help you spike the numbers at festivals. Choose just one niche. While you may think you’re appealing to a broader audience by marketing your product to everyone, you’re also diluting your message and blending into the background. Decide who your ideal customer is and create marketing materials that speak right to them. This way, you’re not only drawing in a crowd; you’re attracting a crowd of ideal customers who are more likely to buy.

Give customers something to do

Giving samples is standard practice at festivals for consumable products but think outside the box and you can make any business interactive. Create an art piece live, set up a crafting station for those passing by, or host a carnival game with prizes. In a sea of booths, your goal is to engage the crowd and provide them with value, so they want to hear what you have to say.

More value, more contacts

Over 90% of the people you encounter at a festival aren’t ready to buy yet. So if you don’t have a system to collect leads from interested parties, you’re missing out on future sales. But you can’t just ask for contact information without providing something of value first. In online marketing, this is called a lead magnet, but it can easily be applied to in-person promotion too. You can offer discounts, downloads, demos, and more in exchange for an email address. A custom QR code is a great way to get and give this information from your booth.

Make it clear what you offer

If a passerby can’t look at your booth and tell what you offer in 5 seconds or less, they will keep walking. So, if your name doesn’t explicitly spell out what you do, you need to get creative to get your point across. Showcase products, develop a descriptive tagline, or have a representative talking to people.

We can’t wait to see all the new leads you’ll bring in this festival season.

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