Set your event bar up like a pro

Planning on having a bar at your next event? As bar pros, we might be a little biased, but we know from experience that getting the bar set up correctly is a crucial part of event production. Why? Because the bar is often the most visited touchpoint at any event. From stocking to staffing, these tips will help you set up the bar at your next event like the professionals do.

Front of bar

Do you need a tip jar for bartenders, signage to tell guests where to order and pick up drinks, or a menu board? These small details are often overlooked but can make a significant impact on creating a positive flow for your guests.

Menu for specialty cocktails

Creating a special menu is a great way to bring the theme of your event full circle and create an experience for your guests. But don't forget to create a menu to share your creations with your event attendees. It's a great idea to make at least one large menu board for each bar and smaller menus to leave on the bar top and at tables and booths throughout the venue.

Back of bar

There's nothing better than a cold drink on a hot day. So think about the beverages you'll be serving and decide what needs to be pre-chilled and how you'll keep everything cold and accessible during your event. Ask your venue if they have refrigerator and freezer space and how much you'll be able to use. If they don't have adequate space to meet your needs, you'll need to arrange ice and coolers. In addition to keeping things chilled, you'll also need to get your fresh fruit cut, simple syrups mixed, and garnishes ready to serve.

Event Staffing

There's more to bar staffing than hiring a bartender. A well-trained staff will understand the drinks being served and be able to communicate any special menu items with your guests. A professional bartender can be a great resource for your guests to learn more about your event and get information like vendor and restroom locations. It's also crucial that all staff members are briefed on important information and drink ratios. This will ensure that no matter which bar your guests visit or who they talk to, they will get a consistently positive experience each time.

Bar placement

Have you ever noticed how grocery stores place the milk at the back of the store? They do this so you have to walk past all the other items in the store to get the staple you need every week. Just like grocery store placement, where you place your bar matters. Pick a location that is easily accessible but also think about what else you have going on at your event. Do you have vendors hoping to get exposure? Are you showcasing a product you want to take center stage? These are all important factors in choosing a bar's location.

While it seems tedious, figuring out your bar's logistics will help you relax the day of the event, knowing your guests are having the best experience possible. If it all feels like too much, hire a professional. At Avant-Garde Event Services, we take on the planning, staffing, and execution, so you don't have to. Find out how we can help you turn your next event into an unforgettable experience at