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The 5 marketing strategies top promoters use to pack the house.

You've found the perfect venue, hired an event production company to manage logistics, found the best bartenders for hire, and secured a top-rated catering service. But what if, after all that thought and preparation, no one shows up? Events, unfortunately, are not always an, "If you build it, they will come" scenario, and we've seen clients in this uncomfortable situation.

So what can you do to ensure your event goes off without a hitch? We're sharing the 5 strategies top promoters use to pack the house every time.

1. Create a landing page for your event

Even if you have a website, your event needs its own landing page. This simple page will house event information, ticket sales, promotional videos, and more. Having everything in one place will create a user-friendly experience for your event guests and streamline your promotional efforts because all marketing materials will funnel to this one page.

2. Leverage the power of email

While many believe social media is taking over, the numbers don't lie. Email marketing still has the highest ROI of any other marketing medium. So treat your email list like gold. Create an email campaign promoting your event and another reminder sequence to get guests who have already signed up excited about the big day.

3. Create an event on social media

We've all seen those posts saying, "Your friend Brad is interested in the pie festival this weekend." This is social marketing at its finest. Why? Because it's human nature to be curious about what our friends are up to. So you click the link. And before you know it, you're on the pie festivals website getting tickets for yourself. Use this to your advantage and let your guests market your event for you.

4. Identify your target market

Most people think you have to market to the largest audience possible to get the best result. When in reality, marketing and promotion is a game of quality and quantity. Yes, you want to market to the largest group possible, but that doesn't mean everyone. Narrowing down your market allows you to speak directly to your ideal customer and laser focus your marketing efforts.

5. Follow up after your event

If you plan on throwing more events in the future, create an automated follow-up sequence asking guests how the event was and (if applicable) if they could spare a minute to leave you a review. This will give you valuable insight into how you can improve next time but more importantly, it will also give you quotes and reviews to use in your promotional material next time around.

Planning an event is just the beginning. Getting people in the door is a whole other game. But with a little planning and the right promotional materials in place, you can pack the house every time. Need help executing your next event? Let the Avant-Garde Event Services team handle the planning, staffing, marketing, and logistics.