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Unique themes to consider for your next company party

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Choosing a fun theme is a crucial first step for any event. It can help you narrow down your planning process and treat your guests to an immersive experience. But choosing the right theme can be a challenge. Try one of these unique event themes for your event in Denver this spring.

Throw a Colorado themed party

Showcase the very best of springtime in Colorado. Grab some beer from your favorite local brewery, and set up an outdoor oasis with yard games. You can even take things up a notch with a local band or locally distilled whisky tasting. Click here to get a quote for a Colorado-themed bar package.

Plan an intimate brunch

There is nothing like sitting down with your favorite people for small bites and fancy brunch beverages. Make the experience extra memorable with a mimosa or bloody mary bar. Brunch is a great way to bring a large group together for a sit-down gathering without the expense of a catered dinner. Click here to get a quote for your brunch bar package today.

Hold a carnival-inspired celebration

Most adults love an excuse to get back to their roots and enjoy a hot dog and a funnel cake on a warm summer night. Throw a carnival-themed event complete with kettle corn, spiked lemonade, magicians, and fortune-tellers. There's no better way to bring your team together than the promise of a little good old-fashioned fun. Click here to get a quote for a custom bar package.

Host an awards show-themed black-tie event

Have guests nominate one another for fun awards like, "Most likely to win the lottery but lose the ticket." Then follow it up with a black-tie event complete with a red carpet, catered dinner, and award ceremony. Everyone likes to be recognized for their efforts, and the silly nature of the awards takes all the pressure off. Click here to get a quote for a full bar package.

Partner with a local artist

From art collections to live music, bring your guests together to admire the work of a local artist. This is a great way to support the creative community and treat your guests to a show they aren't likely to find anywhere else. Takes things to the next level with a live painting, local band, or fashion show. Click here to get a quote for a full bar package.

Picking a theme for your event can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Think about the purpose of your gathering and how you can help your guests step out of their daily grind and have a little fun.

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